Why IT Naturally
our purpose
Changing the face of the MSP market by putting people and the planet first. We are proud to be B Corp Certified and a force for good.
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Our Impact

People come first whether they're yours or ours, we live our values whilst delivering the best service possible.

B Corp Certified

We earned an overall score of 92.9 and are so proud that our highest impact score is for our workers.

What is B Corp?

We earned an overall score of 92.9 and are so proud that our highest impact score is for our workers.

Our Values
Skilful. Human. Playful.


Weʼre great at what we do but we know we can always be better. IT changes, solutions change, challenges continuously arise. And every time they do - our knowledge library shows the starting point. From there, we constantly learn, develop and adapt our process and skill.


IT Naturals are human. Not automaton.

We always remember that our clients are human, and we treat them that way. Weʼre on their side, understanding them, their business, their challenges and roles. We have brilliant processes, but we temper them with empathy.


IT is fun.

It makes the world go round.

Its constant shifting landscape presents us with interesting challenges to solve and approach with a sense of joy, humour and lightheartedness.

Our People


  • Julie Bishop
    “To get away from things, I love a walk in the Home Park of Hampton Court Palace where if I am lucky I see deer and swans, then I stroll home along the Thames footpath.”
  • Richard Gardner
    “I'm learning to play the electric guitar (I hope to play in a band one day), I also enjoy photography and am currently trying to learn Spanish so I can blend in with the locals when I visit!”
  • Jess Blight
    Head of Service
    "I love to run (well I say run, jog is probably more accurate!) It helps me clear my mind and enjoy my surroundings as I am lucky enough to live close to Rutland Water. I am also learning to play Bridge which is great fun!"
  • Tim Leech
    Head of Technology
    "I like walking the dog around our small village and surrounding fields just taking in the picturesque views and quietness available outside of a big city. Everything is just so much calmer."
  • Nneka Ijere
    Head of Finance
    “I have a small (emphasis on small) collection of indoor plants that I’m loving, and I do my best to keep them alive - It’s a battle, but I think I’m currently winning. Touch wood!”
  • Jo Sanderson
    Technical Sales Manager
    "I’m a keen DIYer and always have a project on the go. I also love to see new countries and learn a bit of the language before I go."
  • Nkandu Muma
    Office Manager
    "To wind down in my spare time, I enjoy writing short stories, at times gaming, and going out to try new places for a meal (especially spicy food!)”
  • Ray Cooper
    Change Manager
    "Outside of work, theatre, gigs and sport are my interests. I like to fly south in the winter to the Canaries get some sunshine and in the summer it’s time for Tennis and Bowling (yes, I am at ‘that age’)."
  • Lee Gray
    Senior Platform Engineer
    "To unwind I spend most of my time on my boat, a mixture of driving, cleaning, and repairing! I am also an Officer on the Committee of the Yacht club providing all their IT and technology, so it’s not really a complete break from IT!"
  • Les Best
    Networks & Security Manager
    "I like to get out on my bike and ride around the rolling roads of Northamptonshire. Alternatively, I enjoy a good film or binge on a drama box set."  
  • Emma Peries
    Marketing Manager
    "I sing in a community choir, we meet once a week and perform at the end of term. I love it as it's two hours where I can't think of anything else and it makes me feel great. We sing all sort, pop, folk, gospel and songs from the musicals"
  • Patrick Neal-Wright
    Service Desk Manager
    "I love to spend time with my kids, teaching them new things. I am also a bit of a gamer, so I will spend a lot of time playing video games online and socialising with my likeminded gamer friends"
"I feel really valued."
"It's a great place to work"
"Our leadership is passionate.”


What We Offer



Private Medical Insurance
Free Bupa medical insurance and the option to get your family covered.
Life Insurance
A cash payout if you have a diagnosis of a critical illness or in the event of your death.
Company Pension
Your monthly contributions will be matched by up IT Naturally to 6%.
Hybrid Working
Work in the office 2 days a week - everyone comes in on a Tuesday. The rest can be from home or in the office - it's your choice.
Cycle to Work Scheme
A cheaper and tax-free way of buying a bike with no upfront costs. Monthly payments are taken from your pay.
Your Birthday Off
Stay in bed or celebrate in style - choose whatever you do as you'll always have your birthday off.
"We are a family"

Who We Are


We are a bunch of lovely people, who care about our customers and are willing to go the extra mile for them and our own business.

We are a forward-thinking company where people always come first. We truly care about our employees, their lives, their job satisfaction and development.

We welcome everyone especially people with backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in tech and truly believe diversity is the key to creativity and innovation.



IT Naturally Rap


Yo, I gotta shout it out, it's plain to see,
Working at IT Naturally is the place to be.
A company where innovation's the name of the game,
We're tech wizards, turning every challenge into fame.

The atmosphere here, it's like family, you see,
Support and growth, that's the company decree.
We're rocking IT, breaking boundaries wide,
With IT Naturally, we're on this incredible ride.

So, if you're seeking a workplace that's truly prime,
IT Naturally is the place to climb.
Join our crew, let your skills ignite,
And watch your career soar to new heights.

'They listen to us on everything."
“I would say ‘join us’ without hesitation."
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