Resolving Printer Problems is Better Than Seeing Grandkids!

“It’s better than seeing my grandkids over Christmas!” 

IT Naturally Customer

How annoying it is when your printer doesn’t work? 

We know, it’s really frustrating, 

Now imagine you work in healthcare, and you need a prescription printed out immediately so you can help your patients and do your job efficiently. 

One of our customers had been having some major problems with some of their printers across different sites. It was an ongoing problem for members of their team, who rely on this bit of tech every day. 

Their staff had to take pictures of things they needed scanning and send off low-quality images that were hard to read. 

Our customer understandably didn’t want to have to replace their entire fleet of printers, so as their MSP we wanted to get to the bottom of the issue, despite it feeling like an unfixable problem. 

Unfixable that is until one of IT Naturally’s Service Desk agents decides to make it her job to just get it done. 

When Caitlyn began her training as a Service Desk Agent with IT Naturally, she noticed that these printer problems were a bane to the customer and our service desk. 

IT Naturally had 19 tickets open on printers, our customers’ print partners and service desk team leads would have their heads on calls for hours on end trying to get to the bottom of the issues. 

They fixed many of the problems, but there were still 2 printers that wouldn’t do as they were told, and the print partnership said they couldn’t be fixed.  

But that wasn’t a satisfactory answer for Caitlyn. She was annoyed that the tickets were still open and could feel the customer’s frustration and just wanted to help. 

So, Caitlyn with her eye for detail, dedication and tenacity, decided she wanted to close these tickets once and for all. 

She took it upon herself in her “spare” time to look in-depth at the print management page, so lots of research and lots of testing and reacting to trial and error. 

And she did it! She was delighted to be able to call the customer back and tell them the good news. To say they were extremely thankful would be an understatement. One replied “It’s better than seeing my grandkids over Christmas!” 

Just one example of how our team always go the extra mile because they know what it means to our customers.  

Work with IT Naturally, so your team can enjoy not talking about IT.