NatWest Showcases IT Naturally’s Inspirational Sustainability Journey




We’re thrilled that NatWest has chosen to feature us in their latest spotlight on sustainability! They’re inspired by our passion and dedication in our own journey to B Corp.

IT Naturally has been using NatWest’s Carbon Planner, a cutting-edge tool designed to help businesses track and manage their carbon emissions. We like this tool as it integrates seamlessly with our systems, giving us detailed insights into our carbon usage and helping us set and achieve ambitious sustainability targets.

The journey with Carbon Planner has been transformative. It has not only allowed us to monitor our emissions effectively but also empowered us to implement meaningful changes across our operations – like our Scope 3s.

We hope that our journey inspires other businesses to take proactive steps towards sustainability. We believe by sharing our experiences and successes, we can contribute to a broader movement of environmental responsibility within the IT industry and beyond.

We would encourage anyone to start their journey to B Corp, putting people and the planet first. We want to change the face of the MSP market and help everyone Enjoy not talking about IT.

You can read the full article on how we’re leveraging NatWest’s Carbon Planner here.