We Did It! We are Investors in People – SILVER

IT Naturally are proud to have been awarded a silver accreditation by Investors in People (IIP).

We are delighted that our team has been recognised as every member of staff is determined to get the job done and is happy to go the extra mile to ensure their clients are happy.

The team have a huge amount of respect for each other and have supported their colleagues throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The rigorous IIP assessment included an in-depth questionnaire about the company and how it works. They also spoke to members of the team to get the real picture of life at IT Naturally.

Not only does this award mean that the right principles are in place but that our people and leaders are making active efforts to make sure that there’s real consistency and everyone in the organisation are feeling the effects.

Here are some of the findings from Investors in People:

  • Your people like working at IT Naturally and they are ambitious for the business
  • Trust is strong
  • Your culture serves the team and the business well
  • People value their autonomy and feel engaged in decision making
  • Performance management is strong.

“IT Naturally should be proud of attaining Silver in this, your first assessment. The effort you have made in structuring the business and establishing robust policies and processes to support the employee lifecycle, and in developing your performance management, is already delivering benefits to your team and your business. And importantly the culture feels supportive and productive.

There is good tone to the business; people understand the business drivers and are committed to contributing to its success. You appear to be handling the pressures of the pandemic well; people have felt supported and part of the team.

You understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.”

“Silver accreditation on ‘We invest in People’ is a remarkable effort for any organisation, and places like IT Naturally are in fine company with a host of organisations that understand the value of people. Congratulations IT Naturally”


“I’m incredibly proud to get the Investors in People Silver Award. We have tried to put our team at the heart of everything we do and to get some amazing quotes from them, just makes it all worthwhile. I must admit I had a tear or two in my eye when I read the report. Silver is great, but now we have some feedback to make sure we improve and can go for Gold next time.”


“We firmly believe that as leaders we are responsible for the people in our charge and not in charge of our people. We work hard to ensure IT Naturally is a place people can be happy, have a high degree of autonomy and fulfil their potential. To achieve an IIP Silver award in just one-year shows this and gives us a platform on which to build.”


The leadership team at IT Naturally will continue to support and encourage our staff and will take on board the recommendations we have been given by IIP.


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