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The Business Challenge

IT Naturally was requested by a customer to assess its wide area network connecting 90 sites and create a proposal and business case for an alternative network solution that provided greater capacity, improved service, and reduced costs by 30%.

Creating the network transformation business case

Through initial meetings held over four weeks IT Naturally’s project manager and network architect requested and collated information on the legacy network topology, legacy circuit providers’ contracts and invoices, network hardware, support contracts and location details. This was captured in a logical model to build a picture and full understanding of current costs and played back to the customer’s CIO and infrastructure management team seeking their approval to ensure we had captured all the information, including collating current costs correctly.

In parallel to gathering this information, workshops were held with the customers network and infrastructure team to ascertain current and future network and security requirements and validate these against their business growth plans. Customer IT standards and processes were also collated and factored into the business case considering how these influenced costs.

With the requirements signed-off, IT Naturally worked with a number of global network providers to establish prices for new circuits and negotiated prices on behalf of the customer. This was done in conjunction with designing a brand-new network architecture that focused on network and security requirements ensuring the solution integrated with the customers SIEM solution and supported their network and IT standards. We also laid out a service description using input from the customers service management team that described in detail how the services would be delivered and the SLAs and KPIs to be adhered to.

IT Naturally created a transformation plan that focused on maximising savings as swiftly as possible and how the network supporting critical 24×7 business operation could be transformed with minimum disruption.

The final output was a high-level, ITIL-aligned service design that described exactly how incident and major incident management, request fulfilment, change management, capacity management, monitoring, alerting and SLAs would be delivered.

Customer Outcome – business case and road map for a better and cheaper network

By carefully balancing requirements and costs and working collaboratively with the customer and our network partners, IT Naturally succeeded in creating a business case that delivered 30% savings year-on-year post transformation.

This included a completely re-designed network to 90 sites in Central and North America with enhanced bandwidth, and an enhanced 24×7 service with end-to-end monitoring across all nodes.

The business case included a transformation plan that delivered the new network to 90 sites within one year.

“IT Naturally were professional, communicated well, led the process and delivered their outcomes on time whilst we planned a new network architecture and transformation programme to deliver it.”

Carlos Alberto Lopez Gonzalez – CIO, Volaris Airlines

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