Has Santa got his IT Infrastructure Ready?

“Can you imagine if things go wrong, and all the boys and girls don’t get their presents in time – how much that would damage Santa’s reputation?”

We are all gearing up for Christmas but there is one man who is certainly at his busiest right now.

He may have been around for hundreds of years but even Father Christmas must move with the times and grasp the digital age.

Here are some of the best ways Santa and his team of elves can make sure his IT infrastructure can handle the needs of his growing enterprise.

Secure Santa 

As Santa’s workshop buzzes with festive prep, data security is top on the list. This year, the elves are stepping up their game with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), an essential upgrade to keep millions of children’s data safe and sound. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure only the right elves have access. Learn more about MFA.

But it’s not just about passwords. Santa’s gone all-in with data encryption. Whether it’s the naughty list on a misplaced laptop or emails flying through cyberspace, encryption keeps it all under wraps.

Elfy Emails  

More than 90% of cyber-attacks start with an email, at such a busy time it could be easy to overlook a sophisticated email threat.  

Luckily the elves have been trained to spot these crafty tricks, staying sharp and ready to outwit any digital Scrooge. Discover how to stop phishing emails.

With next-gen firewalls and a keen eye on email security, Santa’s digital Grotto is more robust than ever, ensuring a jolly, breach-free Christmas!

Christmas Capacity 

Santa still hasn’t moved all his workload to the cloud. There are many benefits including cost savings, but it can be hard to know where to start. 

Before making the move Santa needs to have optimised his workloads. Optimising capacity doesn’t mean needing and paying more, it could even save him money. IT Naturally could take stock of what he currently has and check to see if he is paying for something he doesn’t need.

Optimising his IT infrastructure capacity means having “just enough” resources required to run applications and services without interruptions in desired performance.

Elves On-Call 

With a project of this size on Christmas Eve and a strict deadline to fill its paramount it all runs smoothly. 

But what happens if something does go wrong? 

Incident response can’t even begin without an effective on-call process and system. Santa needs to ensure a designated elf is always available so they can discover the incident and ideally fix it before any children are affected. Santa always likes to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. 

If all the elves already have designated roles like making toys and packing the sleigh, it may be worth Santa thinking about outsourcing to IT Naturally. We run a 24/7 service desk – yes even on Christmas day. We can handle incidents quickly and with expert knowledge to ensure Santa’s enterprise continues to run smoothly.  

Can you imagine if things go wrong, and all the boys and girls don’t get their presents in time – how much that would damage Santa’s reputation?

Santa Strategy  

Santa, please make sure you have your IT infrastructure strategy in place to think about all the above. 

Maybe if you don’t have all this in place yet, we can help you in January and make sure you’re running smoothly for Christmas 2024. 

Enjoy not talking about IT.