Embracing the Future: 3 IT Trends to Watch in 2024


“Let’s explore three big IT trends that affect our business and yours and can make a real difference in the lives of our people and caring for our planet.”

When it comes to IT, the tech never stops moving, it’s always evolving and 2024 stands to see significant shifts that will not only shape industries but also influence societal norms and ethical considerations.  

So as the New Year approaches, let’s explore 3 big IT trends that will affect our business and yours and can make a real difference in the lives of our people and caring for our planet. 

Two things we put at the heart of IT Naturally. 

AI and Ethical Balance: A Crucial Nexus  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming the way we do business. It’s no longer a buzzword but an integral part of how IT Naturally is run. We use it for customer support and behind-the-scenes in cyber security.  

While all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will be leveraging AI to enhance their services, what we want to get right at IT Naturally is maintaining a balance between automation and human interaction. Striking the right balance is crucial to ensure efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the ability to handle complex issues. 

  • Use AI tools to automate routine and repetitive tasks such as system monitoring, patch management, and backups. 
  • Automation can help reduce human errors and improve the overall efficiency of operations. 
  • Utilise AI-powered ticketing systems to streamline issue resolution. 
  • AI can categorise and prioritise tickets, enabling faster response times for critical issues. 
  • Implement AI-driven chatbots for handling routine inquiries and basic troubleshooting. 

When only a human will do: 

  • We will always maintain a human touch for critical decision-making processes and situations that require creativity, empathy, or nuanced understanding.
  • We know of course that humans can provide strategic insights and judgement that AI may lack.
  • We’ll be training our teams to work alongside AI technologies to make sure that our humans can collaborate and manage the AI tools. 

We want to make sure our customers have the choice of how they contact us and how we respond. 2024 will be a year to try and get that balance right. 

Our top tip: Make sure you use AI wisely, integrating AI into your operations and maintaining a thoughtful balance between automation and human interaction. 

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Next Level Phishing Attacks: A Growing Cybersecurity Challenge 

Cybersecurity threats have been a persistent concern for businesses and in 2024 there is no sign of it abating. 

Every year figures break records for the number of attacks we see and with increasing sophistication, attackers leverage psychological manipulation and advanced tactics to deceive even the most vigilant users. 

Next-level phishing attacks will utilise AI-driven personalised content and deepfakes, making them harder to detect. These attacks may exploit trust in familiar communication channels, posing threats to individuals, businesses, and even critical infrastructure.  

95% of cyber security attacks are caused by human error. 

Our top tip: Use a multi-layered approach involving advanced cybersecurity tools, robust employee training, and increased awareness campaigns. We recommend and use for our customers anti-phishing protection software from Ironscales and Web Content filtering software from Cisco Umbrella. 

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Sustainable Tech: Our Environmental Responsibility 

Now, more than ever, we need to think about our tech choices and their impact on the environment. 

That’s not just a call from us but Gartner ranks sustainable technology among the Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2024. 

The tech industry’s carbon footprint is as significant and it’s time we took this seriously.  We’re talking about choosing tech solutions that reduce energy consumption, cloud sustainability and considering the full lifecycle of our tech products. By doing so, we contribute to the battle against climate change and resonate with a growing community of consumers and employees who prioritise environmental responsibility. This trend isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for business too. 

Our top tip: Conduct an energy audit of your tech. Look for energy-efficient devices and consider cloud solutions to reduce on-premise energy use. (Need help conducting a tech audit?) 

Check this out: Calculate your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions, fund climate projects and share your progress all in one place at Ecologi. 

So, there you have it – three IT trends for 2024 that we are ad believe you should be prioritising. Let’s embrace new trends responsibly and inclusively, whilst caring for our environment in 2024.  

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Enjoy not talking about IT.