Is your domain safe from hackers?



Take the free check to see if your domain is safe or could be hacked HERE.

There are a number of free and simple checks you can make to ensure your company domain is protected from the ever increasing risk of cyber attacks. Whilst these checks won’t fix the problems identified, they will give you an indication if there is a problem that actually needs fixed.

Domain Spoofing

Spoofing is when somebody with malicious intent (a bad actor) disguises themselves as being someone you know or trust in an effort to obtain personal information. This personal information can then be used in a subsequent attack to gain usernames, passwords, bank details or other sensitive information which they can use for financial gain.

To ensure this impersonation cannot happen from your company via email, there are certain adjustments which can be made to your domain DNS records which provide protection against such spoofing. A quick way to check if your domain already has these records set or whether is can actually be spoofed is by a free Smartfense check. Simply enter your company domain name and it will give a result in seconds. The results you will want to see start “Not spoofeable domain!”.

Why is this important?

An improperly configured domain can be a good reason for the mails you send getting marked as spam by mail security solutions and therefore not reaching the people they need to. Your domain could also become vulnerable for scammers who can send emails pretending to be from your domain (spoofing). Both of these can impact your business reputation and your customers trust, so it’s important that this level of protection is applied sooner rather than later.

Take the free check to see if your domain is safe or could be hacked HERE.

If your Domain is spoofeable, don’t worry, IT Naturally can assist you with making the relevant changes to prevent cybercriminals from sending fraudulent emails to your business partners, employees and customer from your domain address.

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