Bolster Your Cyber Defences & Be Secure



“The most important thing is to make sure you have cyber security systems in place to protect your people, devices, networks and systems.”

The National Cyber Security Centre continues to call upon organisations in the UK to bolster their online defences, as the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues.

Fears of an unprecedented cyberwar between Russia and Ukraine are increasing and it’s thought this could release a potential wave of Russia-backed cyberattacks to destabilise the West.

There has been no evidence of any here yet but there’s strong evidence tying Russian hackers to a string of attacks in Ukraine. These attacks are reported to be a step up from anything that has been seen before

As a result, it’s been a major talking point among security providers and MSSPs.

What You Need to Do

The most important thing is to make sure you have cyber security systems in place to protect your people, devices, networks and systems:



Ensure all your systems are routinely patched to protect against the latest security vulnerabilities.
MFA and access controls


Utilise Multi-Factor Authentication wherever possible to provide an additional layer of protection.
Antivirus software


Do you have antivirus software installed and active on all systems.


Ensure your network perimeter is protected using Next-Generation Firewalls and Intrusion Detection & Protection Systems are correctly configured
Anti-Phishing system


Teach employees how to report phishing emails and you have an effective process in place to deal with any.


Confirm that your backups are running correctly and that there is a recent offline copy.
Cyber Instance Response Plan


Ensure your business and people know what to do in the unfortunate event that you are target of a cyber-attack.

What We Do

Here at IT Naturally we have many cyber security solutions in place to counteract any threat. We utilise and manage Advanced Mail Security, Next Generation End Point Protection, Cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway, Security Information & Event Management and Vulnerability Scanning Engines amongst others.

For our email security, we also use DMARC, an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol which helps stop spoofed emails reaching your inbox.

If an attack did happen, we would turn to our Cyber Incident Response Plan which ensures that we consistently respond to and recover from a cyber-attack/cyber-crisis in an effective and efficient manner. This follows the principles of an ‘OODA loop’ which is to observe, orient, decide and act.

This plan should be bespoke to your company and communicated internally. It will give everyone the direction and resource they need in the event of a cyber-attack on your company.

“IT Naturally are keeping extra vigilant in light of the possible threat from Russia and are continuing to maintain our cyber incident response plan to protect both ourselves and our customers from any cyber-attack”

Tim Leech, Head of Technology IT Naturally

The team at IT Naturally can help you put together your Cyber Instance Response Plan.If you need any other cyber security systems added or updated, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.