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A Year of Growth and Good for IT Naturally

A Year of Growth and Good for IT Naturally



From becoming B Corp Certified and celebrating 1 year at our new office to welcoming new team members and doing our part for charity and the planet, the last 12 months have been pretty incredible.

What an extraordinary chapter the last 12 months have been in our IT Naturally story. 

We not only broadened our horizons, deepened our roots and re-defined our values, we’ve embraced growth in spirit and sustainability as well as our figures and facilities. 

We’d love to share some of our highlights with you for 2022/23: 


We became B Corp Certified 

Becoming B Corp™ is one of our proudest achievements not only in the last 12 months but in our whole story. 

We did it!

This rigorous certification is more than a badge; it’s a promise to our customers that their IT partner stands for something greater, we put people & the planet ahead of profits. We’ve shown that IT Naturally is not just in the business of tech but in the business of positive impact, aligning perfectly with the ethos of our socially conscious clients. 


Lots of new faces and a year in our new office

We’ve celebrated a huge expansion in our team, from 35 to 50 talented humans.  

The creation of new roles and the introduction of an enhanced benefits package represent our belief in nurturing people and ensuring our team members feel valued and supported. 

Not only that but we’ve really gone all-in on training this year, tackling a ton of courses and soaking up knowledge like sponges. Why? Because we’re serious about getting better at what we do. This means we’re equipped with the latest IT smarts to handle whatever tech challenges come our way. 

We’ve had our first birthday at Lynch Wood Park and to be honest, it feels like we have always been here, we feel so at home. 

The green and inspiring environment has played a crucial role in the evolution of our brand identity. 


A Brand Evolution 

We spent a good half of this year looking at our story and deciding how we wanted this to be reflected in our branding. 

The rebranding exercise has refined our message to reflect better who we are: skilful, human, and playful and our look suits our B Corp certification. 


Our new branding better reflects who we are and what we stand for


We put people first 

Our human-first and customer-centric approach has seen us onboarding new clients and supporting a substantial increase in users and sites, all while maintaining a high standard of service.  

The implementation of new processes for hardware, billing, and service delivery has streamlined our operations, enabling us to be more efficient and responsive. 

Technologically, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve, too, integrating new tools and skills into our repertoire. From Teams Telephony to Salesforce, our toolkit is ever-expanding, ensuring that we provide our customers with the most sophisticated and seamless IT solutions available. 


We had fun 

But it’s not all work and no play at IT Naturally!  

We believe in the power of fun to build a happy and motivated team, and this year has been packed full of activities that brought us together, from go-karting to celebrating the coronation. We’ve bought back our beloved table tennis table and firmly secured the dad joke within the office banter.  


We stayed committed to the environment and community 

Our commitment to the environment and community has been stronger than ever.  

We’ve re-evaluated our carbon footprint and explored ways to reduce emissions, understanding that the tech we provide should empower not just businesses, but also the planet.  

And the team has taken part in plenty of events for charity and the environment – from litter-picking for The Great British Beach Clean in Sunny Hunny to hitting the pavement in The Great Eastern run and raising over £1400 for Little Miracles Charity. 


The IT Naturally team took part in The Great Eastern Run for Little Miracles Charity


And celebrated financial success 

Financially, IT Naturally stands on solid ground, with a remarkable 68% increase in revenue and a successful first financial audit.  

This robust financial health has allowed us to reward our team with well-deserved bonuses and salary increases, reflecting our shared success. 


What’s next for IT Naturally? Looking forward to 2024. 

As we look to the year ahead, our focus is clear: investing in our foundations to support sustainable growth. We aim to refine our processes, enhance the quality of our services, and continue to provide an outstanding experience for both our team and our customers

We’re not just growing; we’re evolving—with a tech-savvy heart and a human touch. 


Want to work with an IT Partner that puts people and the planet first? Get in touch with our friendly team.